No matter what

Many people have some awareness that there is a prayer in the Bible that talks about the Lord as shepherd… they may even know the opening line – The Lord is my shepherd…”. You may know this is Psalm 23 written by David, King, poet, shepherd, a warrior…a significant person in the life of Israel….

No one is required to see Santa

In the movie Polar Express there is a scene where a little boy, feeling fearful, a bit rejected, certainly lonely, remains on the Polar Express while all the other children hop off to see Santa.  The children are excited because the Conductor has told them “one of you will receive the first gift of Christmas from Santa….

A Pilgrim’s lack of progress, subtitled: why pray?

“Why do we need to pray if God knows what we are going to say before we think it?”  The question took me completely by surprise.  This was a group that had been meeting to encourage one another, to provide for ourselves a forum of spiritual accountability.  As the question bounced off the walls, I…