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Let summer begin!

At Trisha Romance gallery in the garden

Tasting some of Grandpa’s ice cream

Rachel and Daddy

More of Grandpa’s ice cream
Three Tilley hats!!


She can’t eat cranberries

The Festive meal is over…dishes washed, pots scrubbed, stomachs stretched, coffee brewed!  This was our first Christmas with a little one in a very long time!  Conclusion, Christmas is much less energy consuming with just adults.  Rachel’s been a delight today – she seems to love anything with lights and music.  Next year she’ll be able to sit up at the table and eat the cranberries.

Right now the house is very quiet as it seems everyone, except Jason and I, are down for a nap!

Our great find for this year – well I thought it was a great find – was her own Tilley hat!  Jason and Susan have their own Tiley hats and love them.  Just before Christmas we were in the Tilley store and I saw they had a children’s section.  Photo to follow.

We have missed having Phil and Amanda with us – being away from family isn’t new for us – but we’re still missing them!  Merry Christmas you two!  Philip worked through Christmas and you’ll find his video here of what EMS did in Caroline Christmas Eve.  Now that is what I call community services.

The great gift this year for me was a copy of Lightroom.  I’m looking forward to learning this new software and to use it in conjunction with my Adobe Elements.  Got any tips?

Wendy and I send our prayers for you and your home, that your Christmas has been filled with joy, peace and much love.  God bless you!