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Pentecost Sunday 2016

Wendy and I are off this morning to worship at Meadowlands Corps – and I am really looking forward to our time there. This is the corps that my grandfather met up with and attended when he came from the UK and from where he went off to become a Salvation Army officer in 1917.

As it is Pentecost Sunday and I am using Acts 1 and 2 for my text and talking about the power of God in our lives to die and therefore live!

Here’s one of the songs we are using.


Remember when?

Sunday has certainly changed for us over the past five years.  When we were corps officers – pastors – Sunday morning was filled with tension, anticipation, energy, a list to be checked off that seemed to begin as soon as our feet hit the floor to the time our heads hit the pillow at night.  As consuming as that sounds I always found it energizing.

By the end of Sunday there was a list of people to follow up, conversations to be had, thoughts to be chased, ideas to be explored.  Sunday was a day of pouring out and being filled up!

I miss those days.