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Another good man goes to heaven

a poor photo looking up Davie Street

Darkness is still ours in BC while the rest of Canada is up and going.  The time change in travel can really be the biggest challenge.  However, it was great this morning to be up before 5 and off to get a coffee early.  I walked down to the ocean which is about a 30 second walk from the hotel.  Now the water isn’t quite warm enough to put your toes in but the palm trees along the boardwalk remind you of how moderate this climate is.

There were many runners out already and in the darkness you hear them coming before you see

I walked back to the room and saw on Facebook that Dave Rayment has gone off to heaven this morning.  Another good man goes to heaven I thought.  His family will be sad and mourn their loss but he’s away from illness and suffering and how could you want to keep him in this?

I thought again by my own Dad’s early departure from heaven – now 12 years past and in so many ways we would wish him back but not to illness or suffering.

Later on today I’ll fly home to Wendy…Dave has flown to our real home heaven.  And what is the entrance to heaven dependent upon?  Having sought a relationship with God who so wants to have a relationship with you.

I wonder – why do people resist?


A little sadness

It has been a sad couple of days in the Waters family.  Amanda discovered during a routine ultra sound that the baby had quietly died.  Instead of getting to hear a heart beat or know the sex of the baby – grief swept over the room.  

At times like this – when words fail us – the only thing I know to do is pray.
So we are praying for Phil & Amanda as we all take a deep breath and do some quiet grieving.  There was a time when pregnant and mortality were more closely linked.  My grandfather lost his wife and baby during birth.  Wendy’s grandfather lost his wife during the birth of her mother.  With modern medicine and the births happening mostly at hospital this has changed.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your comfort and love.  Today we simply as you to keep your strong and encompassing arms around Amanda and Phil and all those who love and care – who feel this loss.