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Preparing for our move

Just over two weeks until our stuff gets picked up by the movers.  We’re getting close to the end of the packing but the closer we get to the end the slower it goes…stuff gets smaller, more necessary for every day life, some things just need to wait until the last moment.

Should I pack the computer now?  I’ve got a laptop at work I could use?  What about the “big” television – we have a small one in the bedroom.

We’re being much more deliberate about an inventory…making sure we have model #’s, serial #’s and a list of what is in each box.  We don’t want a “graves” experience. By the way I checked with the insurance and our things are covered in the move.  Do we really have enough coverage?

If you’re looking for an inventory form visit www.knowyourstuff.org and you can have a free download.