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Running up to Christmas

The days are darker and the nights colder as we head toward mid-December. I’ve been sitting in the family room skimming through pictures that we have in photo albums. It seems that photo albums, like many ofter things that were at one time regular parts of the home are becoming a thing of the past as the digital transformation makes its way into our homes.  This year, for the first time, I am turning the lights of the Christmas tree on and off using an app on my phone.

They call this the Internet of Everything – my caps – and yes it seems there is an app for almost anything.  Can I say I love this! It’s quite amazing to see what can be done.

At any rate, in line with that, we’ve ordered a few things online this year, and of course, it’s quick and easy. But we keep seeing retailers dropping by the wayside as technology continues to replace jobs, ie. self check out, self-serve and robotics!  Just ask GM workers.

But of course that’s not what Christmas is really all about… and we’ll be home this year for the celebration. I hope there’s a toy under the tree!!cof




What does Google know about you

“It’s an unfortunate reality that if you use Google services, Google has more information on you than you think. That means Gmail, Google+, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Google Calendar and other Google applications, along with Android.

The good news is that you can find out how much of your information has been logged with Google so you can take steps to get rid of it. The better news is that you can download all that information to your computer for your personal records so you don’t list it in the cleanup.
Google Takeout is a service from Google that tells you how much information Google has about you. It’s a quick way to see your “Google footprint” across 15 Google services, with more on the way. Your footprint can be composed of your browsing history, contact information, emails and any other information that is being stored on Google’s servers. That could add up to a lot of info. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything while it’s collecting. Just be patient and the service will let you know when it’s done. Once the information arrives, you can download it.

Services like Google Takeout don’t just shed a little light on what’s going on behind the scenes of Google’s user tracking, they also teach us about exactly how much of our personal info is being tracked.

Download Instructions Go to the Google Takeout page using the link below and click “Create an Archive” to get started. It may take a while. If you’re really active on the web, it can take up to several hours.

You’ll be notified by Google through text or email when your information is ready to download. Click the “My Archives” link to download the zip file to your computer. Your information will be divided into folders, so you can find your contacts, your mail, your pictures and everything else that Google has through your profiles.

“How much information does Google have on you? Find out,” 03/29/2015, “

From the IT newsletter – THQ

Make sure you go to the very bottom of the page when it appears and choose the Windows or Mac file that is appropriate – don’t get caught by the pop up ads!

How are we doing without cable?

It’s been 2 weeks, not long, but we are enjoying that we have a good internet service and have not found we are missing cable.  We have been enjoying Netflix – and wow can I blow away an hour watching old shows! So that needs to be watched.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1.  it’s not just about the money, we have been able to watch what we want
2.  we find that we’re not frustrated by seeing all the things we don’t want to watch
3.  there are still some technology issues – dropped service or needing to restart the modem
4.  it’s amazing just how much stuff is on line now
5.  we should have done this months ago
6.  our deciding to leave the traditional model of cable has encouraged others to follow suit
7.  it’s surprising to discover that the picture quality is superior when using an hd antenna
8.  it’s surprising what you can and cannot get on an hd antenna
9.  the next tv will have wireless capactiy

I’ll be back giving further updates in the future and talking about using an hd antenna!