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A first for me

Last year I attended a funeral on behalf of the leadership of TSA and as I entered The Salvation Army building in Carbonear NL I noticed the plaque on the wall indicated that it had been opened and dedicated by my Dad.  There was his name right on the wall. That was great to see.

Well, this past weekend, I had the privilege of dedicating and opening a new facility in Drumheller AB and my name was put on the plaque. No big deal, but it was kind of a neat feeling to think about this small connection to the role and office that my Dad held all those years ago.

It was a great weekend in that I also got to connect with Amanda, Carlyle, Fitz, and Paige. It was a very short visit and Carlyle was perplexed and disappointed that Grandma wasn’t with me. She was excited to cuddle and play and though only a few hours she knew I would have something in the suitcase for her! Of course, she was right.


Having been away from the prairie landscape for some time it was interesting and captivating to see the wide-open expanse along with the dramatic coulees that mark in unexpected ways the very flat terrain.

sdrsmartcaptureOf course, the town of Drumheller is known for being in the ‘badlands’ and the site of many finds when it comes to dinosaur fossils. Occasionally it would seem, there is still one or two roaming around town…..cof


A night next to the museum

Last evening we were in Drumheller for their Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  Well done Matt and Rachel !  A good turn out and a fine representation of what TSA does in this small town.  Located in a very deep and long coulee.  Coming along the highway you are rolling along the very flat prairie when you suddenly descend down into the valley.  It is a very different landscape – an area known as the Badlands and noted for the significant number of paleontology finds.  The area is especially noted for the Royal Tyrell Museum
It was a good evening and a reminder of the early days of our officership when we worked in a similarly small town community.