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A stand off

The city of Toronto and the new Provincial government has been arguing over the size of the city council and the process to determine. It’s a strange standoff, with lots of political strife and past conflict in the equation. I could go into my own thoughts but I will spare you…and me. It is unfortunate that these kinds of conflicts create such distraction – and of course, they take up energy, money, and effort which could be spent upon much more important and productive matters.

I came across this cartoon and it struck me that so many conflicts end up being just this… and who really controls the situation. Of course, power always resides in the person who cares the least. In caring, we give the other person power over us. That’s unfortunate but it’s the truth. Consider a boy and girl dating – whoever wants to love the most will have the less stand of power.

The provincial government has won it’s way – so hopefully we can now move on.



Outrageously happy

Ever wonder what you really want out of life?  I mean what is the objective?  When we’re working on a project at work we have outcomes in mind.  Sometimes the outcomes are a bit soft…hard to measure what is changed when it comes to people.  But it is good to have an objective – to have in mind some kind of outcome.
We don’t often think about our lives in the same way.  Most of the time we are busy making a living to support ourselves and our families and that’s very important.  But as we get to the end of our lives the question of our youth “what do you want to be when you grow up?” seems to be the wrong question.
The question of what do you want to do with your life…or in hindsight what have you done with your life seems the more appropriate one.  As one of my friends said once to me “at some point I want to do something that makes a difference”. 
While I have not always been happy let alone outrageously happy I have had a deep sense of satisfaction.  And that satisfaction has come from the joy that God has brought to me and the direction I have found for my life from him.  No one is outrageously happy – not even the richest of people – but finding purpose in life and direction for living is critical to feel complete.