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Just a box and two beds – but we had a roof!

Before the trailer we have now we had a small tent trailer – nothing fancy – in fact no fridge, furnace or hot water heater…therefore no shower or toilet in it either.  Two beds – table to eat at and a small counter area.  Most of what we did therefore was outside.

I was going through some photos lately and I came across a couple that really illustrated how basic was our set up!  You’ll see the oven is a toaster oven on a tv tray.  The stove attached to the side of the trailer and we did all our cooking off of it.  We had to boil all our water – even for doing the dishes.

Just south of Okanagan Falls in BC

We towed with our 1998 Dodge Caravan – just a 3L engine with a 3 speed transmission.  But it didn’t cost much and we had a good time covering much of the eastern coast and then in these days the west coast.

Mt Shasta – Washington State


Where are the leaders

I wouldn’t want the American political system to be ours – not a chance – but I have to say here’s what I admire about it.  They know how to celebrate their leaders.  Think of the Washington Monument or Mount Rushmore or for that matter the Reagan airport.  They have President’s Day and movies about their great leaders.

Currently where are our leaders?  We seem to have lost our reason for celebrating.  The NDP and Liberals both seem to be unable to raise up a leader of significance and currently Mr. Harper sits unchallenged.  I actually like Mr. Harper but I don’t believe it is good for his party to be without significant leadership on the other side of the floor.
Even provincially the Premier has resigned and I wonder is anyone really ready to lead?
So where are the leaders?

Consider your thankfulness list

This weekend we are turn our thoughts to thankfulness.  It’s thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  Time to turn our thoughts to the bounty of the land, well that is certainly our first thought as we consider what we are thankful for.  But like me you can think of many things to be thankful for – remember the song, Count Your Blessings…name them one by one.

Health, shelter, love, family, friends, living in a land of peace…another great list.

I’m thinking about a third list.  This list is harder to define, but I would like to put it under the heading of blessings.  This list contains the benefits of growing up in a Christian home, having parents of faith, being surrounded by a loving family,  enjoying adventure in life that was character forming, travelling the country, meeting interesting people, reading good books.  This list includes living long enough to be a grandfather, having people in my life who encourage me, having friends that are right across this country.

I could go on.  The blessings of life seem to flow out of God’s hand to us everyday.

To be clear this does not include wealth – as North American might understand it.  But it does include wealth as it relates to experience.  And experience is what gives us memories.

So as I think about what I’m thankful about I wonder – what are you thankful for?