Prayer Warriors Commissioned

New officers for The Salvation Army…and new officers for the Alberta Northern Territories Division!  It was a great evening of  celebration – and a time of serious dedication as the Prayer Warriors were ordained and commissioned.

Lieutenant David Bond spoke to on behalf of his session and reflected on the experience of training.


Congress opening – David and Goliath

The name is Destiny – that is the theme of the Congress, but the hit of the night was the story of David and Goliath.  The illustration of wearing the King’s armour was brought to life as the General pulled a young boy from the crowd to wear his uniform jacket!  No sense in trusting in that, says the General – trust only in God.

Lots of good music, colour, lights and young people featured as the Congress began.  We’re off to a great start.

They’re here!

The cadets have arrived!  Suitcases and adrenalin filled the hotel foyer around supper time as the cadets arrived with kids and staff following along.  After two years of training there is great anticipation for being able to enter the front lines and become part of that transforming influence in a variety of communities.  It was stirring just standing back and watching.

Jason, Susan and Kyla joined us for supper – where else?  Of course we went to Swiss Chalet…after taking our lives in our hands crossing the street!

It was another good day with the Territorial Leader’s Conference coming to an end.  The Ward’s presentation of the work of TSA in Pakistan was very interesting.  It is hard not to respect them for their pure courage of going into the place where so much violence took place.  That’s a different kind of adrenalin!

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.