They’re here!

The cadets have arrived!  Suitcases and adrenalin filled the hotel foyer around supper time as the cadets arrived with kids and staff following along.  After two years of training there is great anticipation for being able to enter the front lines and become part of that transforming influence in a variety of communities.  It was stirring just standing back and watching.

Jason, Susan and Kyla joined us for supper – where else?  Of course we went to Swiss Chalet…after taking our lives in our hands crossing the street!

It was another good day with the Territorial Leader’s Conference coming to an end.  The Ward’s presentation of the work of TSA in Pakistan was very interesting.  It is hard not to respect them for their pure courage of going into the place where so much violence took place.  That’s a different kind of adrenalin!


The International Salvation Army

It was a delight to hear from The General today.  General Clifton gave us an update on The Salvation Army’s progress from a global perspective.  The first thing to note is that we are hardly white, western, or “british” anymore.  TSA is now in 121 countries with our entry into United Arab Eremites.  We have also recently begun work in; Greece, Kuwait, Nepal, Burundi and our work in China now is in 60 locations.

One of the largest Salvation Army Territories is now Pakistan – an Islamic Republic!  Fifty percent of Salvation Army soldiers are in Africa!  In the Caribbean 60% of our soldiers are in Haiti.

TSA continues to grow around the world and it does so by the strength of individuals.  The General referred to the power of ONE.

He also reminded us of the power of looking after the children – and told the story of William Booth’s strategy to win the hearts of India – he did so by emphasizing children to ministry.  Today the India East Territory is a financially independent territory and is pioneering the work in Mongolia.

It has been a very good day – and a reminder of the unique nature of The Army and the quiet way in which the Gospel is delivered…by the power of ONE.

Down by the bay





When we awoke this morning we were in a bed & breakfast in St. John’s in The Battery area (for those of you who know the St. John’s area).  I must say the city continues to grow and improve and the changes are very significant.  I got some good photos last night and this morning that I thought I would post.


A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.