The Power of One

I am still mulling over the words of General Clifton regarding “the power of one”. He cited as an example his wife’s decision to tear out the sex ads from their daily paper to mail them to the female editor with a note appealing to her moral judgement as a woman. She pointed out that by running these ads she was living off the avails of prostitution.

After some time of doing these daily she received a note from the editor indicating that they had reviewed their policy and decided to no longer carry those kinds of ads.

The power of one!


The Right to Bear Arms

As Wendy and I were making our way home this evening after being out for supper with two of our officers, the radio sounded out the news headlines.  Included in the sad, disappointing, revolting, inspiring stories was a headline regarding Alberta’s newest party, the Wildrose Alliance Party.  According to the news reader as part of the Wildrose’s policy debate is a proposal to include in their platform “the right to bear arms”.

Now I readily admit I’m no expert in public policy nor am I engaged in the debate over federal gun legislation, but I think I’m saying that this is a bad idea!  The USA has been experimenting with this for over 200 years and it has not gone well, unless of course you’re a White Supremacist living in rural Montana.  Who in their right mind thinks this would go better in Canada – especially urban Canada?

Now to be fair to the Wildrose Alliance Party I did visit their website and couldn’t find any mention of it.  Let’s hope the news reader simply had eye surgery lately and couldn’t read the text.  Maybe what he should have read was “the right to bear children”.

He’s a second year cadet


It was wonderful to touch down yesterday in Edmonton – it was a good week away, but like Dorothy said “there’s no place like home”.  The Territorial Leader’s Conference, Officer’s Councils, being with The General, The Congress was all good but the highlight was seeing Jason come down the aisle as a second year cadet.  Year One is done, and while there are many more experiences to go, he’s off to Bay Robert’s for his summer appointment.

Sunday night the Ambassadors of Holiness were highlighted as their summer appointments were recognized and each of them made it onto the big screen as evidenced below.

Susan is, of course, in Winnipeg for the summer and so we will be keeping them in our prayers.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.