Twas the night before holidays…well, actually I suppose tomorrow night is – but since we’ve taken to filling the trailer with all good things ie. food, clothes, food, chairs, food, snacks etc… I’ve been thinking maybe, just maybe, we will be ready to head out tomorrow night!  Wouldn’t that be grand!!

We hit the grocery store tonight and first into the cart (after a few fresh fruit items) was the required bag of salted in the shell peanuts – a holiday food for sure!

I bought a couple pair of shorts…a couple of times…because in the past it seemed I only had one pair.  Somehow my shopping has gotten out of hand because it seems I know have shorts and shirts enough to throw away after each day.  How did that happen – I’m not a shopper, in fact I really don’t enjoy buying clothes.  So the laundry work will be limited.

Holidays also mean books to be read – I’ve got a few set aside and I’ve picked up a book I read many years ago for a refresher, “John P. Kotter on What Leaders Really Do”.


Holiday preparation…do we have propane?

Tonight’s tasks included making sure the propane tanks on the trailer are full…they weren’t – and that the battery is good…it was still in the garage – and that I had the chemicals necessary for the holding tanks – I didn’t.

So now I do.  We aren’t quite ready to go…but we are close!

A very generous offer

Posted here are four photos that are in the final running to be turned into a painting.

You see my very talented aunt Freda is an oil painter…and a very good one!  She’s offered to do me a painting and I’m very fond of Mount Rundle (top).  It is a unique shaped mountain and was the first one that Phil and I climbed.  (Remember the bleeding feet Phil?)

And of course the wild life around the mountains is always stirring…rugged and fearless!

But I love the Three Sisters (bottom)…

So if you wish to vote you may do so…top, elk, sheep or bottom!

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.