Reading through the Bible in a year

So I am now half way through The Bible…that is in my reading plan.  Half way through the 66 books of Scripture.  It has been great to recount the common stories like Adam and Eve, Abraham’s journey, Moses and the exodus, David and Goliath, Gideon’s courage, Isaiah’s prophecy, the relationship of Elijah and Elisha as well as the counter-culture ways of Jesus…turning the religion of the Pharisees on it’s head!

I was reminded at lunch today as a group of us talked that we are now (at least) a generation away from what was a common Canadian knowledge base when most people could recite some of the stories …at least Noah and the Ark.  Not today that’s for sure.  Wendy was reminding of us the day we heard a little girl point to “Noah’s Ark” and said “hey Mommy, look at the boat filled with animals”.

Yes we are a culture with a very different set of stories.  Maybe that’s why we love reality TV….it gives  us new stories to tell.  Maybe that’s why we love actors…it gives us new characters to emulate.

Beyond a reminder of the “old, old story” reading through the Bible has reminded me of those broad themes of The Bible….of love, grace, forgiveness, justice, human failure and divine redemption.  Without a good understanding of those Biblical threads they seem just like isolated incidents on the human journey instead of a divine plan to save us from ourselves.

So are you reading through the Bible?  Are you reading those remarkable pages?

If you’re looking for a resource or two…start with BibleGateway.  And if you like – let me know what you think about what you’re reading.


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