From Canmore with rain

The rain just keeps on falling….this morning the whole valley was filled with sunshine and though the breeze was a bit cool, I sat our in my chair reading for about 90 minutes.  The mountains on either side of us were covered with clouds from first thing this morning…but now we had several hours of steady downpour.

Last night the rain thundered on the trailer roof…until the thunder rumbled through!  Alberta is not having much of a summer.  Thus our decision to leave tomorrow and head into BC and then Idaho.

Since it is raining I’m sorting through photos off my portable hard drive.  At 120 GB it isn’t a huge drive in today’s terms.  It is just a time consuming endeavour…though one I love to do.

This is still a very beautiful area – even in the rain – and we enjoy being near Phil & Amanda.


Twas the night before holidays…well, actually I suppose tomorrow night is – but since we’ve taken to filling the trailer with all good things ie. food, clothes, food, chairs, food, snacks etc… I’ve been thinking maybe, just maybe, we will be ready to head out tomorrow night!  Wouldn’t that be grand!!

We hit the grocery store tonight and first into the cart (after a few fresh fruit items) was the required bag of salted in the shell peanuts – a holiday food for sure!

I bought a couple pair of shorts…a couple of times…because in the past it seemed I only had one pair.  Somehow my shopping has gotten out of hand because it seems I know have shorts and shirts enough to throw away after each day.  How did that happen – I’m not a shopper, in fact I really don’t enjoy buying clothes.  So the laundry work will be limited.

Holidays also mean books to be read – I’ve got a few set aside and I’ve picked up a book I read many years ago for a refresher, “John P. Kotter on What Leaders Really Do”.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.