Ontario South DYB

Here’s an old picture. It was on Facebook recently so I grabbed a copy – not a great quality, but it is a wonderful memory. I believe it was taken in September 1993. The divisional Youth Band was going to Colorado and we were flying out of the Toronto airport. You can see on the right Major Bob Ratcliff and Majors Bob and Ethel Slous. Wendy and I are off to the left as we lined up everyone to get a photo before we headed off.

This was a last-minute trip after the Chicago Staff Band pulled out of an event in Colorado.

Lots of interesting faces in this picture and many of these folks have children now the age they were in this picture. I see two young people in the photo who died very young – one in a car accident and one of cancer. But I know where many of them are and see them from time to time.

A few years ago we had a reunion and got this picture below of the group.

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