Mountain Norquay

Here he is – well I was there too – on the summit of Mount Lady MacDonald overlooking Canmore AB. This was 26 July 2003 as you can see. An early attempt by Philip and me to do some scrambling on our own. We survived!

We quickly fell in love with the pain of the ascent and the thrill of standing on top of a mountain! I remember Lady MacDonald especially because it has a long traverse along a ridge, which includes going over a lovely boulder placed in the way…but when we got to the other side and the registry it was a great thrill. YOu can see in the picture Philip is holding the registry which after signing we replaced under the rock pile.

Mount Norquay was another trip we made around the same time. It requires quite the scramble up several slopes as you realize it has false summits, so as you top the summit you see behind it another summit which is higher and then another.

But it was a great climb.

And of course if you’re going to work that hard for 3 or 4 hours you need to get some lunch in….

What I thought was funny was that I set up my camera on a small tripod to get a picture of the two of us, but I didn’t set the timer right the first time…

So this became one of my bloopers! Hahaha….

In these days we did lots of scrambles together and I loved them all though I always came back exhausted. I’m not sure I am up to it today!

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