News from the west


Our niece Meghan announced last week that she’s retiring from the National Ballet Company. She’s been dancing since she was little and attended the NBC’s school in downtown Toronto through high school. She has been very accomplished, but like all industries that demand much of the body, this has taken much out of her.

It’s an interesting business. You get ahead by both talent and timing. If you’re an understudy and the principal dancer gets hurt and can’t perform you are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. You can find an opportunity at that moment.


I liken ballet to hockey – the game must go on, the show must go on – with or without you.

So now Meghan is going to begin her second career returning to school for nursing. Another demanding occupation.

So that’s the news… but wait, what about the garden you say? Why yes it is going well.

We had petunias planted last year – this year it is pansies! And here are they are in a variety of colours!

And that my friends is the news from the Western Waters…. have a great day!

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