A dog for the Waters

Wouldn’t you know, of all the dogs we might see on our trip to BC (at our friend’s house) it would be a dachshund. These little dogs are friendly and fun to watch run!

Some of you will know we had a lovely little dog – JR – a black and white Shih Tzu. He lived to 16 and we loved him. He was a constant companion and frankly, the boys grew up with him! He had a long life and we’ve talked often about having another one like him. At the moment we travel a bit too much, but somewhere down the way, we may consider this.

Then this last weekend we met Shasta! This is Ron and Toni’s little dog and wow was she ever sweet. She is cuddly, pleasant, loves to be with people and small like JR was.

She took a real liking to Wendy.

So it is really fun to think about having another puppy and this is certainly a lovely breed. The timing might not be right and perhaps if we’re going to travel in the earlier days of retirement we may see this as a decision for later….but gee it was fun having Shasta around!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend, so nice to be with friends as well the pictures are just great

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