Pleasant Valley Quilting

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had the opportunity to explore a new quilt shop. With the pandemic keeping us home Wendy mainly visited her friend Edith at the Quilting Gnome in Jackson’s Point, Ontario.

So when Alison told Wendy she should visit the quilt shop in Armstrong BC we put it on our to-do list. Ron loaned us his car so we could make the visit and we discovered a lovely quilt shop with reasonable prices.

The lady who ran this shop was in and was very chatty and friendly. She seemed to have lots of good fabrics – according to Wendy – and patterns.

I liked the way she had set up her displays – like this one inside an old ringer washer. I imagine that there are lots of people who haven’t seen one of these things in action, but I remember my Mom using hers. And I remember how happy she was when she got a “modern” washer!

On the wall was a window frame (from the old house I learned) and in it sat a collection of china cups and saucers. They belonged to her mother and here they were displayed in a very lovely way – a box with shelves and then the window frame mounted on it.

She also had a number of old sewing machines – many of which are the old Singer models. I mentioned that we had my Mom’s Singer Featherweight. She told us that if it’s a 222 model it is worth quite a bit of money. I’m not sure what model, we’ll check, but it won’t be for sale.

Finally a comment about Armstrong BC. Some of you may know of Armstrong Cheese – this is the home of that business.

Armstrong is not a big town, though it is set in a beautiful location! The rail runs through the center of town and serves the rural community.

It was a beautiful day and with the sun shining it was enjoyable to walk around a bit as Wendy was in the quilt shop. The valley is called Pleasant Valley – so there are lots of references to that including the name of the quilt shop.

If you’re in the area – here’s a nice town to visit and if you are into quilts a lovely shop to walk into.

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