Weekend in Vernon BC

Last Thursday we flew over to Kelowna and spent the weekend in the Vernon area. The invitation we had was to be the guests for the Easter weekend at the Vernon Corps. It was a wonderful weekend and was filled with deep richness as we reconnected with good friends.

Our friends Ron and Toni were wonderful hosts and so very kind and generous. We were treated like royalty! And we enjoyed being part of their family and being able to relax in their lovely home.

big blue sky

Right at the end of their driveway is a lovely big rock with some flowers in front of it. The daffodills were up and so I thought I would get a picture of them in the sun.

I had gone for a walk and was enjoying the rural setting which is theirs. I could hear the rooster crowing on the farm next door and later in the day a neighbour came by on his ATV looking for his pig that got out. This is rural life!

But the greatest joy (and there were many) was our time with Rick and Alison at their lovely home on White Lake BC. I did their wedding 16 years ago. Their personal journey is a story of redemption and joy. These two are generous, kind, joyful and spiritually discerning.

To hear them talking you are struck by just how insightful they are and how much they care about others. They are amazing people and we are thrilled to call them friends. We’ll be back to visit them.

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