Japanese pen

A number of years ago I had a collection of pens that included a few cartridge fountain pens. I enjoyed them, but they had a nasty habit of getting messy at times! Blue ink can really leave behind a stain.

Eventually, the need to write finer documents, the possibility of a mess, and the cost drove me back to other kinds of pens. I have had some really nice pens and in fact, still do, though the collection is smaller. I like a good pen. I like a pen that has some weight to it and I like a pen that flows nicely.

BUT…Wendy and I were recently in a store and these were on sale. hmmmmmmmm…. should we?

We each got one. The cartridge is different and has a ball on one end that gets pushed in to, I assume, help control the flow of ink.

So far so good….

If this goes well, then maybe I’ll pick up one that’s a bit more sophisticated.

So I’ve got a collection of watches and a few pens….what else?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    That’s great Fred, dad always loved a good pen

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