Spring is arriving

Out here on the prairies, we know that even though the snow is melting, a new snowstorm is still possible as yesterday demonstrated. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming about the warming ground and an expected garden development for this year.

what seeds to buy?

Wendy and I headed off to the garden center the other day after work. It wasn’t so long ago that this place was filled with Christmas trees and ornaments.

The warm and sunny day really gave the day a spring feel and with the sun coming through the glass it was almost too warm.

The other reason I like going to the greenhouse is that it is a place where I learn about what types of plants grow in this region or might grow in our house. Now in true confession, it turns out that Philip and Amanda are the real farmers in the family and we’re not interested in trying to out do them!

We did however pick up an Easter Cactus, having already the Christmas Cactus. So let’s see what happens with these two wonderful plants.

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