Policies and compliance

One of the areas I’ve had oversight of for the past six years is policy – not that I write them, well some I do, or even approve them – that’s another process, but I’ve had under my supervision the platform, access, and design of policies. I’ve moved us from what was a rather cumbersome piece of technology to using Sharepoint and creating strong search features so that people can find them and therefore, we hope, understand them.

We’ve included with the policy some of the “why” behind the policy and a section on what’s at risk if we don’t comply.

I’m not foolish enough to believe that this gets people to comply but my hope is that we can build understanding as to why we are creating these policies and why we need people to do their best to keep within the guardrails.

It is my hope in the long run that all this work is helpful to our work, our reputation, and our effectiveness. It seems a long way from our natural place of knowledge and expertise but I’ve enjoyed working towards a good solution.

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