Happy 91st Dad

Our dear Dad would be 91 today if he was with us – well he is in some ways. Of course, he’s in our memory and I often remember experiences, tell stories about him and just reflect on his influence. Second, I can never look down at my hands and not see his. It’s a thing for me.

As well he lives on in the personalities we have, the relationships due to him and Mom, and in our faith which he lived out so well.

So happy birthday Dad.

Cath wrote me this morning and said, “I raised my medium regular Tim’s coffee to Dad this morning. Happy Birthday Dad indeed! 91 years old. I always wonder what he’d be like at 91. In the Meighen and probably blogging every day.”

Yes, I think he would be writing a blog everyday.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Yes dad loved all technology and blogging would be one of his interests

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