We’re awaiting the arrival of our sofa, chair and ottoman from Lazy Boy. We ordered the end of March and we’re expecting it to be delivered mid September. Yup, that’s the lag in delivery right now. Not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination – it’s small compared to people who are fleeing in fear from their homes in Afghanistan.

We decided to go to the store today to look at cushions, rugs etc that will be part of our accents. The sofa in the picture is too expensive for us but you get the idea…it’s not an inexpensive store. I really liked this mirror and we have a very large wall which we were talking about finding something that would really set it off. The mirror is too expensive too, but I liked it.

One of the nice things with Lazy Boy is being able to choose – and we decided to change the covers on the pillows coming…not too late they told us. Then we looked at some other fabric choices just to get a sense of what the colour wheel will look like with our sofa fabric.

It’s quite a bit of fun, though a bit unnerving, to set up our home that will be for retirement – whenever that takes place. For those asking – pictures will come when we’re actually set up!

Right now we’re listening to news on Hurricane IDA and praying for those who could find themselves in the impact area of this huge storm. We may be in a colder climate, but thankfully no hurricanes here!

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