Finally – a trip to Ottawa


Our time in Toronto is quickly counting down and we’ve been very anxious to get to Ottawa before we have to head west. This weekend seemed to be our best situation, with the state of affairs in Ontario and we’ve all been super careful about being with or around others. Saturday morning early we strapped our bikes onto the back of the van and headed off – we had quite a bit of stuff to take as well.

We were able to be there by noon and we had lunch out on the front lawn together. Unlike Toronto, Saturday in Ottawa, while hot, was also very cloudy with bands of rain pushing through. That didn’t slow us down though and we ended up playing frisbee in the rain.

And since it was at the top of their lists we were at the park riding our bikes! Beth got a new bike from us and we were finally able to deliver it.

Sunday we were back to the park for more riding and I thought it might be interesting, as Rachel is getting so tall, to see how she would fit on Wendy’s bike! The evidence of that is below. We enjoyed the frisbee there and just enjoyed the warm sun, the lovely shade of the big oaks and maples and of course being with the kids!

We tired when we got home, but it was a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Great to see the family riding their bikes and playing Frisbee

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