Read any good books lately?


I’ve got too many books on my Kindle account which are partially read or not yet read at all – one of the things I plan to do in retirement is catch up on them! But that hasn’t stopped me from buying more books. I don’t often buy a book in hardcover anymore but occasionally I do. The nice thing about a digital book is that it can sit on more than one device so the book I’m reading now, I sometimes read on my phone, sometimes on my tablet and I could though I don’t, read it on my laptop.

Th book I am currently reading is called The Fifth Risk. It is written by Michael Lewis whose name you may recognize from some books made into movies, such as Moneyball, The Blind Side and The Big Short. He is an excellent author and I’m enjoying this book greatly. I’m learning about details of the USA Federal government that I suspect most USA citizens don’t know.

The question posed in the book, “what are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works?” is answered in fascinating detail.

Down through the years I’ve met many ministers, deputy ministers and they layers of staff beneath them. The one thing you note, especially among the DMs and ADMs is just how smart these people are and how well they know the area they work in. Sometimes people in general conversation will talk despairingly about government but for the most part it works well and the people involved are trying to do their best.

If you’ve been to a country where the government really worked to its own advantage at the expense of the people you can see the contrast. Our government system isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always make the best decisions for the sake of its citizens but on the whole it is a good and peaceful land we live in.

The Fifth Risk does spell out what happens and what are the risks and my goodness, it’s a page turner. I’m not done but enjoying the read immensely. I recommend it.

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