The weekend in review


I suppose if I ever feel like I need some counselling, that I’m not doing well, before I call the doctor (and everyone should feel free and compelled to do so) I might first of all go out and clean the van. I find this to be a very therapeutic activity. I’m not really sure why, but I really like the feeling I get when it’s clean and shiny.

Maybe it’s from watching my Mom delight in her clean shiny floors, but it is such a good feeling. I even feel better driving it around.

Over the weekend, amidst our packing, sorting, cleaning was an hour or so that I went outside to enjoy the warm weather and I just couldn’t help myself – I had to grab my cleaners and wax. And yes you can leave a comment like “nice tires” or “what a shine” – that would be just fine.

In the sorting I came across this front page article from The Mississauga News.

Daryl was the boy who lived next door and he and Jason were across the street sledding on a small hill in front of the school. If I remember right, Daryl was a bit more than Jason could manage at times – so while they were friends, that had a variety of seasons to it as Jason and Daryl worked out what they were happy to do with each other.

This was the school that began Jason’s education and he had some great teachers in this small school. So we cheer on the local school which probably has more impact on the future of our kids than we give it credit.

We passed box 157 this weekend – and a few things from the shed went into boxes. I’m determined to be done early as we look towards our move. I’ve learned that having some space at the other end is good for saying good-bye (however that looks this year) and for being able to catch our breath and begin the process of travelling and then unpacking.

One final note – after a decade of working to make the gardens of our home really nice I now do really look forward towards doing the same in Edmonton! Philip and Amanda have a great garden and enjoy being outside. We won’t have as much space as they do but I think we can build a nice garden. And I have the rest of my life to do so!

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