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Things we keep

We headed off to church last Sunday with Amanda,  Carlyle and Fitz. Phil was driving home from work, so wasn’t able to join us.  The little church was packed on the long weekend.

Carlyle carried her Bible.  We noticed that it was the Bible her Dad had. Somehow that little Bible was saved and now passed on. Continue reading Things we keep


The Allies Franc

I’m not really sure how this came into my possession.  But I’ve wondered about it for a long time and decided recently to do some research and see what it is worth – after all a Franc from the days of WW2 must be of value – right?


A quick check of eBay and Kijji finds it is worth maybe $2…maybe $10.

So my ship has not come in.  Back to saving in my RRSP.

The history of this is interesting though – and is the reason it isn’t worth much.  When the Allies got a toe hold on France at the end of WW2 and were pushing inland they needed a currency.  They produced these – lots of these – to be used until the French government could be re-instated and take hold of the economy again.  They were given to soldiers and citizens.  After the war of course the French government recreated the Franc but apparently these remained in the pockets and cupboards of many.

It is still however a good keepsake.