Schnitzel Shack


We had a couple of days of vacation from last year to take so Tuesday, being sunny and mild, we drove out to Port Hope, the sight of where much of Murdoch Mystery is filmed. We love this small town and the architecture in the area is amazing, like stepping back in time.

I had seen reference in a friend’s Twitter feed for the Schnitzel Shack but I didn’t know where it was. As we came into town it wasn’t hard to find being at a corner that is right on the main road at a light. We ordered and oh my goodness were the portions large! I had sauerkraut on mine and Wendy commented, as she shared some it, “that’s the best sauerkraut I’ve ever tasted.”

Port Hope Ontario

We had enough food to feed four I think and it was delicious too. We took the food and went down by the water. It was nice to be out though we were cautious knowing that the third wave of the pandemic is now well underway.

This area, and that just north of the town has become a favourte area to go for a nice drive in the country. There was a time when it didn’t take long to get to the country side but now it’s getting longer and longer.

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