Uxbridge visit

A few months ago, Wendy and I went for a drive to Uxbridge. While Wendy went into the quilt shop, I took the new (to me) camera and took some photos. Next to the shop was a wetland area and so I took the camera and wandered over.

Then we drove by the old Salvation Army building. Wendy brigaded here as cadets in the winder of 1982-83 with Dave and Karen Craddock. The quarters (housing) was on the back of the building so that meant we were in Dave and Karen’s wee home at least twice a week for three months.

We were really interested in seeing the building and finding out what was going on with it. I loved the ivy that they painted under the windows to create some décor.

It was a good day. And I was using my new to me camera – so playing with it was fun too. But that was in November and here we are now almost five months later and I’m just posting this. It just seems like yesterday.

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