It’s spring

This past weekend with the warmer winds blowing and the sun out I dug into the shed to see what needed to go, what needed to get cleaned and what needed to be readied for the season.
We’ve had a deck box that we don’t need so I dragged that out by the curb. We had a stack of hardly used patio chairs… put them out by the curb. And we have an extra patio table, with detachable legs – it has been ours since at least 2000 – so I put it out by the curb.

Fifteen minutes later the next door neighbours asked if they could take the deck box. A few minutes later it was the neighbours across the road for the rest… Gone.

I suppose we could have had a garage sale, but it’s a pandemic.

At any rate the front lawn is raked and fertilized. The Irises and lilies are starting to shoot through the ground and spring is almost here! The sun has returned to southern Ontario.

Here’s the delightful sounds of Gabriella Quevedo – a remarkable guartist.

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