Russian tall ship

About 8 years ago I was in St. John’s NL for some meetings. I had a car, which was unusual for most of my visits, so I took a drive down to the harbour. I also had a new tablet with me, which I used to capture this video. The tall ships of course have been famous in their visits to major cities around the world. They often would come down the St. Lawrence river in the spring/summer and would be seen along those ways on both sides of the lake.

I’ve seen many kinds of ships in the St. John’s harbour including NATO war ships and fishing trawlers from around the world. I had never seen a tall ship in the St. John’s harbour. This is a Russian ship and the tugs are moving it out so it can be brought out of the harbour into the north Atlantic. Part of my surprise is that this is in October, a little late to be heading across the ocean assuming they are headed to the Black Sea.

Here’s the video – listen for the horn!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    wow that’s a huge ship to turn around….loved the horn

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