42 years into a life long journey

It was a warm day, rather sunny and blue sky, February 3, 1979 which was the day we were wed 42 years ago. Dad did the ceremony with Bob Ratcliff. Nobody did pre-marital counselling with us – never figured out why that didn’t happen, but here we are celebrating 42 years.

It would take too long to list here all that have been major markers along the way, and as I like to say to Wendy, the story isn’t over yet!

So in a time that has staying home, what a wonderful thing it is to be staying home together.

being grandparents is wonderful

We are missing being with family these days so we are glad for technology that let’s us see and talk to the kids. Rachel and Beth in particular like video chatting on their tablets. We love hearing from them all and Carlyle, Fitz and Paige are now using “the home phone” to call. Hearing those little voices is really thrilling.

All in all, it’s family that marks our lives more than anything – they are the fruit of our love, the product of our building home. Here’s just a few photos I love.

Jason’s graduation
Jason on a picnic
Philip and Amanda’s wedding weekend
Jason and Phil – Erin Mills
42 years ago

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Great pictures and happy memories

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