Dreams come true #2

I have lived my entire life moving from one house, one city or town to another, first as a kid and then as an adult. It isn’t that “it’s cheaper than paying the rent” as my Dad use to kid! No as a child of Salvation Army officers and then as a Salvation Army officer it was just part of life. I’ve never been really bothered by it, in fact there have been lots of wonderful things in those moves, though as I get older I dislike the packing and unpacking more.

One of the characteristics of moving is that you end up carrying boxes from one house to another, and when you have kids, you collect things that you don’t part with easily because they represent something special, a moment in time, that with time becomes more and more precious.

Here is one of those treasures.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Now that is a great story Philip, you should be a writer

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