No Decaf please

Any coffee lovers in the crowd? Any dark coffee lovers in the crowd? Any Kicking Horse dark coffee lovers in the crowd?

There is something soothing about coffee. I hear people say that coffee drinkers need to acquire a taste for coffee, and I suppose I understand that. But I enjoyed coffee from the first time I had it. I had the usual pilgrimage through the coffee journey, starting with lots of cream and sugar and then changing that as learned that there were lots of kinds of coffees.

I dabbled in flavoured coffees for a while – still miss Second Cup’s Fuzzy Navel (apricot and peach flavoured) but for the most part I just like coffee!

I have tried light roasts, dark roasts and everything in between. I have enjoyed an Americana, and tried numerous “fancy coffees”… but I still just like a good cup of coffee.

For me, it’s a dark roast. I really like an Ethopian dark roast but not an Italian roast – has a burnt taste to it.

And I like a cube or two of brown sugar with some cream, hopefully 18%, but not too much.

This lovely coffee is usually quite expensive, compared to other brands, but here it was on sale for 50% off so I grabbed it. It is delicious.

Are you a coffee drinker and what do you like?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    I like coffee too but it has to be either half decaf or regular decaf or I have a racing heart so enjoy your strong dark roast until you turn 85

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