Brown sugar cubes

In the early days of the pandemic there were lots of shortages, the picture below is from the grocery store in those early days when people began stocking up like we were being invaded by aliens who took all our flour and toilet paper. To this day I don’t get the obsession with toilet paper?! Really? Toilet paper? I can see flour or sugar for baking, but toilet paper?

I’m sure some families have enough toilet paper to last them until next Christmas. You’ll know what families loaded up on the toilet paper when see what they wrap their Christmas presents in.

From that point on it has been hard to get brown sugar cubes – my favourite when it comes to a good cup of coffee – and for a while I couldn’t find them anywhere. On our journey to Alberta there were a few things we thought we would pick up if we saw them. Turns out we both found brown sugar cubes and decided to pick up a couple of extra boxes! So here we are, now hoarding brown sugar cubes like others did with toilet paper!

So there’s my confession of hoarding!

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  1. Susan Mayhew says:


    There’s a walk down memory lane….a recent memory with those empty store shelves. Some supermarkets still don’t keep TP or paper towels in stock like they used to. Others are loaded to the hilt. Go figure, eh?

    Brown sugar cubes?? You’ve introduced me to something I don’t recall seeing even when I still lived in Hamilton (mid-90s) and that produce never has (to my knowledge) been spotted in Virginia, nor any other state where I’ve gone grocery shopping. I’ll have to keep an eye out just in case. Sometimes I miss Hortons coffee, but it’s available at our local Wegman’s. The nearest Hortons is in WV.

    Americans are catching up on Canadian food items that I couldn’t find when I first moved here, such as creamed honey, Ruffles ‘All Dressed’ potato chips; Coffee Crisp, Aero and the good Kit Kat chocolate bars (I get orders from one lady when I go to visit family up north). On the other hand, there are some things that only Canada has…such as Canadian Bacon – REAL peameal bacon. I stock up when I visit the fam. On the flip side, Canadians are missing Sweet Tea, Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting, Cracker Barrel’s store and restaurant, Olive Garden, amazing breakfast skillets and biscuits (with or without gravy), Target, Kohls, Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx and low grocery prices.

    After years of living here I say “soda” instead of “pop” because only the people from the northern states know what I mean; restroom instead of washroom and my rare “eh” usually elicits comments that “it’s so cute when you say that, do it again.” In general Americans like Canadians and think we’re very trustworthy people. Those who’ve never crossed the border have no clue about Canada. They know Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and that’s about it.

    It is the resilient American spirit that I so enjoy here – people who love and guard their freedom, cherish their faith in God and love their country. They believe they can succeed at anything they put their hand to because that’s the optimistic American way. The ‘can do’ spirit is often mistaken by my family as American ego, but it’s more than that. They are taught a fierce love of country, strong work ethic and reliance on God from childhood – especially in the more conservative states. Most of VA is quite conservative with the exception of Northern VA where I live. NoVA is a melting pot of people from CA, northern states and other nations to work in the nation’s capital – mostly in the federal gov’t, World Bank or for gov’t contractors. My town is only 30 minutes from DC so it’s a bedroom community of sorts for people who commute and work “downtown.” Liberal values accompany many of those who move here and their sheer concentration in numbers out-votes the rest of the state – which is a sore point. Those who consider themselves the “real” Virginians moved west and south long ago to get away from the ‘Yankees.’ The true locals have that gentle southern accent and live a slower paced life.

    Speaking of the pace of life, I need to make a quick run to Target before it closes so I’d better wrap this up.

    Have a blessed evening and I hope you enjoyed a terrific Labor Day! J

    Best Regards,

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