Tony Schwartz and regret

Here’s an interesting insight into some historical matters and the book, The Art of the Deal, the story of Trump. Schwartz’s observation of Trump and his inability to focus.

If you listen to the video presentation you won’t be surprised by much, but you may be interested in this comment highlighted in the comments section under the video:

“Loving oneself is no easy matter … because it means loving all of oneself including the shadow where one is inferior and socially unacceptable … accepting the full catastrophe and accepting it.” Besides agreeing with just about everything that was said (and yes, I did feel that Trump would win the Presidency, even back then), what is interesting is Mr. Schwartz sub-story of himself. It is actually a story about all of us. In our daily lives and the years which accumulate into decades we make mistakes and one thing leads to another which causes us to trip even more. As humans we are flawed by design. Speaking for myself, I have made big mistakes in my life. In retrospect, learning to live with those mistakes, with oneself, it is not easy because one has to learn how to love oneself unconditionally. It’s not easy., especially when one knows ones own flaws, intimately. “accepting the full catastrophe and accepting it.” And when you do, you are humbled.” – Tony Shwartz

While the story Schwartz is talking about Trump, you will hear him talk about himself almost as much as the talks about Trump – and he keeps using the phrase, “I rationalized”. Isn’t this us? Or isn’t this the path to sin? To tell us something which brings us comfort in our discomfort. And if we do it enough, we can actually quiet that voice in us which is warning us about what is wrong.

That voice, is really God helping us, by His Spirit, to live a good life. But the Bible says “man likes darkness for his deeds are evil”.

Schwartz wants to be a better man, to move away from what he felt about his involvement with Trump, but only if he allows himself to hear and respond to The Spirit of God, will he be what he really wants to be.

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