Father’s Day 2020

My Dad with his Dad

The lives of our Dads imprint on us in lots of different ways. The natural DNA imprint might be something we think of first – how much we look like our Dad or have similar mannerisms or even personality. But there are other things too. I think about the values of my Dad and how that drove his behaviour. There were lots of days when I said to myself, I want to be like Him, and sometimes I think I am and sometimes I think I have some way to go. But his imprint on me is significant.

My Mom with her Dad

Of course not all Dads give a good example of what it means to be a Dad or don’t live out their obligation of care or love to their children. We always have the example of our heavenly Father… and how he loves us! And He promises not to leave us.

The boys

And I’m a Dad. And I have loved being a Dad. I ‘m afraid I am not the perfect Dad, but like all dads we do our best and do what we think is right. When the kids were young at home I loved playing cars with the kids, skating on a community rink or just watching TV together.

So this Father’s Day I am thinking about my Dad, about being a Dad and admiring my own boys as they are now Dads to three kids each! And, I might add, they are really great Dads!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    great post Fred, we are blessed to have had great fathers who set an example of their faith by living it out each day

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