Parliament Hill 2017

Can you tell I’ve been revisiting pictures that I have and grouping them? Here’s a set…

It’s not every day I get to pray in the Parliament buildings, but in a visit to the Hill with the Canadian Staff Songsters, that is what happened. The CSS sang in the rotunda and I prayed – it was interesting to see people gather as the group sang – and then a few words and a prayer for our nation.

As well the CSS got a few great pictures on the Hill.

This was all connected to our visit in June of 2017 to Ottawa Citadel, which was from 1995 to 2000 where we were appointed.  During our time there we did an expansion and redesign of the building. It was a good stay and we look back fondly to our time at “The Citadel”.

Ottawa is a really lovely city and we loved living in it. It seems to always be about 5 degrees cooler than the Toronto area and about a week behind when it comes to spring arriving. I think that’s because it gets quite a bit more snow so it takes a bit longer for the effects of the ice and snow to dissipate. Still, we had lovely gardens particularly a great producing group of strawberry bushes. Our neighbour’s kid use to stand at the chain-link fence until I would give him a couple!

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