Canadian Staff Songsters

This is day two of auditions and interviews for those who are wanting to join the CSS. I’ve been surprised, but glad, to see how far people are coming from across Ontario.  So those who thinking this is going to be a Toronto-centric may be surprised too.

“The Canadian Staff Songsters will endeavour, by its example, to set the standard for all aspects of Salvation Army vocal ministry, including worship, evangelism and integrated mission, in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.” – Colonel Mark Tillsley53677-can_berm_map_sa_flag

It’s been fun listening to the auditions, getting to know the people who wish to join the group, and hearing the chatter of those nervously waiting!!

Groups like this are fun to be part of and so you can imagine that many people would like to be part of the group – truth be told I would love to join….still thinking about it.

It would be nice if we could have people from every division in the group but that’s the reality of this territory – it’s huge.

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