Two sleeps

That’s how long before we pack Jason, Susan, Rachel and their belongings into the van and head to the train station.  It’s not very long…and even though a year might seem like a long time from my perspective this year has gone by very quickly.

We will miss these three…yes all three of them…and what it has been like to live as three generations in one home.  It isn’t always easy but in many ways it has been worth it.

Living in multi-generational families use to be the norm.  Or at least it was quite common.  Not today, we are not only in separate residences but more than often we’re spread out around the country, even the world.

So what does this layered living give you?  What’s the benefit?  Intimacy, support, shared workloads, deep bonding, opportunity for learning (young to old – old to young) and of course the joy of being family.

It is healthy for our kids to move on…but we’ll miss them believing that God is with them and will bless their lives and lead them to be the parents and partners that He would want.

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