Camp Selkirk August 2013

What a treat!  We drove to Port Dover and decided to add a side trip to Camp Selkirk.  When we got to the main gate it was locked and initially we were disappointed thinking we couldn’t on the grounds.  When we checked the second entrance it was open and the people who live on the grounds were in the cabin near the road – the one we had built as the DC’s cabin.

They welcomed us on to the grounds and happily took us around to see some of the things (we had put in place!!) – it was great to see so many familiar items.  The cabins, the bell, the dining room, Hoover House, the shed (commonly referred to as George’s shed), the washrooms, the potato shed, the gazeebo, the pool, DYS’s trailer, the paths, the rope course…so many things.

I had my camera – of course – and so I grabbed some video to share.  We eventually drove out to the back where the ropes course was built.  It’s still there but hasn’t been looked at for some time, nor has the area been maintained.

In case you are thinking there are no expensive problems still lurking at the camp…the crawl spaces are still wet, the water supply remains a problem and this group is trucking in fresh water and the older buildings are very much in need of some significant cash infusion.  In other words….camping is an expensive ministry.

Having said all that we had five wonderful years at Camp Selkirk and it was great to revisit.  Here’s the video.

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