A week to remember

Officers stationed in Bermuda

The sun was warm

 As you can see by the changed header on my blog (for a few days) we’ve returned from a trip to Bermuda.  We had a wonderful time and left feeling completely blessed.  The officers who serve there work hard and while one might be tempted to think they have paradise appointments there are many challenges to being on such a small island so far out in the Atlantic.

Our visit was connected to a major emphasis of TSA in Bermuda as they engage their people to share the story of their faith.

We did get some time to enjoy the island, the white sand the the gorgeous water.  It isn’t hot at this time of the year but it is pleasant…warm sun with cool breezes.

St George’s – very historic

The history of this island is fascinating and speaks to it’s location out in the ocean, a great stopping off spot for those sailing to North or South America.  Of course the strength of the British settlement is evidenced everywhere.  The history of segregation is sadly not too far off and as a white man I am embarrassed that this is how we treated others.

This is a beautiful nation and we hope to return one day.

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