The Quilting Gnome

Wendy’s post…

I’ve discovered another nice, but small, quilt shop in our area.  While the city seems to have disappointed me in customer service, quality and selection, outside the city has provided some good surprises.  The small town of Jackson’s Point is home to the Quilting Gnome.  Once again it seems quilters and quilt shop owners are very aware of the great quilt shops in Alberta.

We had a good chat with the owner of The Quilting Gnome.  Just mention Canmore and her eyes light up!  Which makes you wonder if people start these businesses to feed their own quilting addiction?  Just a thought.

They had good displays and many quilting notions – that is quilt puzzles, quilting licence plates and a good display of quilts.

On the edge of Lake Simcoe, this is a great spot to visit and take in some beach time too!





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