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It’s just one of those pictures

cofI was at our conference centre this week to discuss some matters and we decided, as it was quiet there, to sit by the fire for our meeting. I had to take a picture.

I have always hoped, though the likelihood of this is slim, to have a fireplace in our retirement home.  I can’t think of anything I like better in a home. We’ve not had many in our years of moving about but when we did I greatly appreciated both the warmth and the light of a fireplace.

So on this day, while the meeting was productive, the fire was ssoooooo delightful!


Great music by great kids

I’m calling them kids but many of them are young adults as they combine their talents to play a kind of music you won’t often hear on the radio’s top hits. These songs are reflective of our Chrisitan faith and whether they are fun like the two samples below or very meditative they are good examples of music at it’s best which causes the hearer to stop and reflect – to be engaged.

Last night was the Wednesday evening program at the Territorial Music School. The Youth department and Music and Gospel Arts department along with many volunteers have done a great job once again.




Patio stones are in place – now waiting for spring

For the past three years we’ve had our trailer at a park between Brampton and Georgetown.  It’s been good and we’ve enjoyed the location.  We were in an area of the park that gave us quite a bit of privacy.  In fact we had no trailers in sight – only behind us.

We’ve now decided to move the trailer and much to our surprise we’ve decided to land at Jackson’s Point.  The great advantage, and there’s a few, is Lake Simcoe.  We love to float on the lake and we’ve got a couple of nice tubes to do so.  So frankly we’re already dreaming about next summer’s warm winds and being on the water!

But there’s a winter coming and a few things to complete before next summer.  One of the things I wanted to get done before the ground freezes was placing some patio stones down for a shed…and to my delight I had a helper for this project!  Noah joined me for the day and while it didn’t rain until just near the end of our work, it was a muddy task.

We laid lime screenings down for the stones to go on and worked to get it level and…well, almost square!  Come spring we’ll get a shed on it.  Here’s just a couple of photos from the day.

All smiles with his work gloves

which weighs more?  Noah or the bag of screenings?

On goes row 3