Pilley’s Island surprises me

Rosemary and her folks

The Winsors

When I headed out to Pilley’s Island from St. John’s I couldn’t help but feel I would know absolutely no one in this small community.  I had never been here and the few folks who have said to me, knowing I was going, “I’m from there” also informed me that there family was all gone.  

The drive was beautiful and I was tempted to stop to take photos so many, many times.  Truth is, I left my Canon G10 in Toronto – in the van!  Ahhh…
However I did bring my BlackBerry Playbook and so these photos are taken with it.  Pretty good resolution – isn’t it?
Lobster traps
After pulling into town (Triton)  I was quickly approached by a man – Murray – who saw my uniform and came to introduce himself.  He and his wife have just moved here – from all places St. Catharines – I remember you he said!  I remember them.  Well isn’t that nice – someone who I know.  As is typical of this hospitable part of the country I had a tour of their home AND was invited to bring Wendy back for a holiday – “come stay for a week – we got lots of room”.
Fishing boats
Then tonight I was off to Pilley’s Island for their Stewardship Celebration Dinner and who should walk in but Rosemary!  Turns out her parents live here and she’s done to visit them.  Another delight!
And then it turns out I know the Corps Officers – so by days end I must say Pilley’s Island has surprised me.  What a lovely place.  And as you would expect – wonderful people.

Fishing village – Triton


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