When the team adds value to the work

For the last few months it seems most of what I have blogged about has to do with my personal life.  And in some ways this post is personal too, however I want to simply share my experiences over the past few weeks and specifically today’s experience.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have the appointment I do.  This feels like a good fit – most of the other appointments have too, and this is very administrative…but the fact that we resource corps is a bit magical for me.  My heart remains attached to the corps and my antenna still attuned to the life of the corps officer.  I’ve left off the word envy for I well remember the stress and strain.  Yet in that ministry is so many rewards.

Let me go to today!  This was the second staff meeting since my taking up this leadership post.  Everyone came to the meeting eager to bring information, add value to our topics, and to imagine as a group what the future might look like.  These are smart people – and well educated in their fields.  I’m not sure if we are yet a team, in the sense of really working together well, but my sense is we are not far off.

There seems to be energy in the room and with the history that these folks bring to our discussions we don’t waste much time.

So I left the office today – still with much work to be completed – but with a real sense that there are some exciting days ahead.

Life is good.  This team adds value to the work.

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