Not something you see every day

This should be under the title of “You don’t see that everyday” but I heard it before I saw it!  Sitting by Hutch’s along the beach in Hamilton at the base of Burlington Street, we enjoying an ice cream after our picnic, talking about family watching the sea gulls float over us and Lake Ontario when a very large metal sound with much screeching came from behind us.

On a note of caution, it should be said that when you hear a loud metal sound with much screeching coming from behind you, chances are it isn’t something good and you should look quickly!

So look quickly we did.

We were in time to see on the ramp (just above us) a white transport truck and trailer tipping over and landing on it’s side…then with more screeching and grinding….it slid into the concrete wall at the edge of the overpass.

EMT Phil was with us and he was quickly on his feet and headed toward the truck…but there was no quick way up to the ramp where the truck lay hissing.

And then quiet.

Everyone stopped – the traffic ceased – and we waited.

“Call 911” someone shouted and within seconds a tow truck was on the scene!

EMT Phil wasn’t too impressed that a tow truck beat the EMS teams…but then that’s the Golden Horseshoe for you!

It wasn’t long before police, ambulance and firefighters were on the scene too – and gladly the driver could be seen showing papers to the police.

What an adventure!

That’s not something you see or hear everyday!

But you’ll see that my Canon G10 was nearby!

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