When is a house not a home?

When is a house not a home?  Perhaps when the contents are all in cardboard boxes!  That’s our world right now it would seem…and at work we continue the good-byes.

We had our last Edmonton Advisory Board today…what a good group of men and women. Of course the word good is over used, so let me put it this way. This group of men and women give of their time and interest simply because they wish to aid the work of The Salvation Army.  We’ve had a significant turn over in the past 4 years and I think we’ve got a very good group!  I’m sorry to say good-bye to them but am confident that they will continue their good work!

Tonight the Blue Ray Player, computer speakers and many other “last minute items” went into the box!

We’re getting close to the end.  Soon this will be a house – and we’ll be on our way to our new home!


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